8th Annual Bull Sale

Saturday, February 5, 2022  |  Bid off at 1 PM

21 bulls averaged $4,053

Thank you all!

JMF Bull Sale Catalog 2022

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2022 JMF Bull Sale Invite Video

7th Annual Bull Sale

1 4-Yr.-old Hereford bull brought $2800

2 2-Yr.-old Hereford bulls averaged $3250

16 yearling Hereford bulls averaged $3482
6 yearling Simmental bulls averaged $3733

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6th Annual Bull Sale

2020 JMF Bull Preview Video

1 2-year-old Hereford bull brought $3900
13 Hereford bulls averaged $3150
 SimAngus bulls averaged $2800

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2020 JMF Bull Sale Invite Video

Thanks to all that joined us for the MN State Hereford Tour!

September 28, 2019

5th Annual Bull Sale

13 Hereford bulls averaged $3275

1 SimAngus bull brought $3300

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4th Annual Bull Sale

14 Hereford bulls averaged $3135

4 SimAngus bulls averaged $3550

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JMF Family Photo Oct2022_close up.jpg

Hello folks! It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we would like to introduce to you our program, JMF Herefords and SimAngus.  JMF is located in West-Central MN, just off Highway 59 four miles north of Holloway, which is 20 miles east of the South Dakota border.

Both Makayla and I have grown up in the registered and commercial sectors of the cow/calf industry.  We are very passionate about what we do as cattle producers.  We currently run 80-100 registered Hereford, Simmental, and SimAngus females.  A philosophy we have always maintained is to “Breed cattle the way we like them,” not chase fads or try to make the next great one.  We like efficient, low-input cattle that add value to our program.

Our goal as cattlemen is to not only to produce bulls and females for  progressive commercial cattleman , but to make “BEEF”. Good beef for hungry people that love to eat it! Beef that we want to put into the hands of the consumer that gives them the satisfaction they want.  Having a satisfying experience eating a steak gives our industry the reputation it needs, but it takes time, sweat, and dedication to accomplish this task; dedication that JMF will give to the best of  our ability to  ensure the bull that you purchase is a sound, functional sire that  will add to your bottom line.

We expect our cows to flat out work hard.  She must calve, wean a high percentage of her body weight, and breed back year after year.  Problem free udders, adequate dispositions, and sound feet are a must with no exceptions.  We will not trim feet!

JMF can help maximize your bottom line by the power of Heterosis - crossbreeding.  Systematic cross-breeding is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve calf vigor at birth and add significantly higher weaning weight in the fall.  “Pounds of beef still pay the bills”, and with implementing a Hereford or SimAngus sire in your program, you have the best ability to achieve that.  The popularity of F1 Hereford-Angus cross baldy female continues to rise rapidly; in our mind there is nothing better than a “Hereford-sired momma!”  The cheapest, most profitable technology available to commercial cattle producers today is maternal heterosis. Fertility, longevity, efficiency, and herd health are unquestionable advantages the Hereford cross can do for you.    At the end of the year, a Hereford–Angus cross female will give you a $51/head additional profit to your bottom line as well as an added 7% conception rate advantage.  To learn more about the power of Heterosis, go to ww.HerefordTruth.com.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our site. Please give us a call if you have any questions.  We love to talk cattle!

Jared, Makayla, Jaelyn, Tayton, Ty, and Emerson  Flower

9th Annual Bull Sale

Saturday, February 4, 2023  |  Bid off at 1 PM