Hereford Females

FHF 343 Nates Lady 94T

FHF 0343 Rita 31U

Classy Lass 0953

TTFL Mirada Time 007

TTFL Ms Value Tank Time 1210

TTFL Ms Victor 719T Time 1224

Rangeline 17T Molly 42Y

FHF 9116 Polly 66Z 

FHF T81 Achieva 61Y

TTFL 11X 0924 Beth 1319

FHF 15X Judi 148A

Rangeline 32U Ms Hereford 732A

Rangeline 13U Miss Tundra 821A

Rangeline 36W Miss Tundra 823A

FHF X337 Victra 128A

FHF 15X Victoria 152A

Rangeline 42T Rhubarb 707B ET

FHF 9116 Achieva 201B

JMF 3027 Polly 406B

JMF 15X Calamity 518C

JMF 15X Calamity 622D

JMF 15X Lady Calamity 623D

JMF 15X Calamity 1224 716E

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